RECENT & current research

Currently, PERL is conducting, analyzing, or writing-up a variety of program evaluations:

  • Costs, procedures, processes, and outcomes (monetary and non monetary) of substance abuse treatments tailored to women. (Sarah Hornack, Brian Yates)
  • Qualitative and quantitative investigations of the sustainability of Clubhouses (Jay Gorman, Kathleen Calcerano, Brian Yates)
  • Costs and benefits of cognitive-behavioral versus light box therapies for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (Lana Wald, Robyn Do, Brian Yates)
  • Cost-benefit analyses of suicide prevention programs (Phoebe McCutchan, Katheryn Ryan, Brian Yates)
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of alternative delivery systems for child management training (Alexis French and Brian Yates)
  • Cost, cost-effectiveness, and cost-benefit of Computer-Based Training for Cognitive Behavior Therapy for substance abuse (Corinne Kacmarek, Brian Yates, and Brian Kiluk [Yale University Medical School’s Psychotherapy Development Research Center])

PERL maintains a library of .pdf files of relevant readings in each area of study, available to PERL members only due to copyright restrictions. This library is fully searchable, and is organized by topic area of treatment (e.g., substance abuse) as well as by type of evaluation (resources, i.e., costs, outcomes, relationships between resources, activities, processes, and outcomes).

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