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PERL is an international research and training organization, as illustrated by the following:

  • 1980s: Keynote presentation by Brian Yates at the meeting of the Australasian Evaluation Society in Sydney, Australia; also, workshop on cost-effectiveness analysis in program evaluation in Sydney, Australia
  • 1990s: presentations by Brian Yates at world conferences on mental health in London, UK and in Aukland, New Zealand. Also presentations at meetings of the Canadian Evaluation Society in Banff, Canada, and Victoria, Canada, plus repeated consulting visits with Howard Research and to the University of Alberta, both in Edmonton, Canada
  • 2007: workshops presented by Brian Yates at the University of Sydney for the Australian Centre for Addiction Research (ACAR) via a contract with American University
  • 2008: invited talk by Brian Yates on cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis in clinical research at the second biannual meeting of the Romanian Psychological Association in at the University of Timisoara in Timisoara, Romania.
  • 2012: Sarah Hornack discussed her research on gender-sensitive treatment for substance abuse in Chennai, India.

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