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I received the 2014 Teaching with Technology award from American University.

In addition to the American University syllabi provided on the link a few lines above, I've posted earlier versions of three of my courses, Theories of Personality, Health Psychology, and Self-Management on iTunesU, under the aegis of American University. Because AU placed a moratorium on MOOCs a few years ago, I’ve been reluctant to update the iTunesU version of my courses since.

Other courses I've developed and taught hybrid-style and in traditional formats

Also, all my courses include on-line resources, typically lecture slides, web links, and short to long videos and screen demonstrations. In summer, I teach a distance education version of either Theories of Personality or Self-Management. During the fall and spring semesters, I teach are essentially "hybrid" versions of Theories of Personality and Health Psychology to undergraduate students, and Improving Human Services to graduate students.

Research is something I teach every time I work with a graduate student. To provide more structure for this, I created and now direct the small Program Evaluation Research Lab (PERL).

Courses I have taught at American University since 1976 have ranged from advanced graduate courses in evaluation research methods and personality theories to practical courses in managing one's own health and educational problems. I've also taught a number of courses in continuing education at A.U., including courses on buying computers, time- and stress-management, insomnia, and weight loss, as detailed below.

* denotes courses I have taught in asynchronous distance-education mode, using Blackboard, as well as in synchronous lecture format

Undergraduate Courses

Courses underlined were created, developed, and put into American University’s catalog by me. Some have been sunsetted and no longer appear in the American University course catalog. 

  • Self-Management *
  • Health Psychology *
  • Theories of Personality *
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Behavior Principles and Clinical Applications 
  • Community Psychology
  • Clinical Research Practica 
  • Research Methods:  Social Science Psychology

Graduate Courses

Courses underlined were developed and have been taught at least once by me.

  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Experimental Foundations of Clinical Psychology
  • Psychological Research I
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Mental Health (offered as a Selected Topics course)
  • Advanced Theories of Personality 
  • Masters Thesis Seminar, Doctoral Dissertation Seminar
  • Strategies for Treatment and Program Evaluation (offered as a Selected Topics course)
  • Improving Human Services

Adult Continuing Education Courses Taught at American University

  • Choosing a Home Computer
  • Introduction to Computer Software
  • Care and Maintenance of Microcomputers
  • Time Management
  • Weight Management
  • Permanent Part-Time Consulting
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